Heating Suggestions

th86IXE5VRIt is so cold. I just took all of my winter clothing out of storage.   It is always a said day when I have to grab my sweaters and heavy jackets. However, it was so cold last week that I did not have a choice. Here I am airing everything out and gather my summer clothes to replace the ones I just took out.

Earlier this year I made a promise to myself that would use my furnace and less by incorporating different things to generate heat and lock it inside instead relying solely on my furnace. Although it is a new furnace, I had it replace last year, I would love to keep it in good condition.

What I plans to do this winter are the same thing I started doing last year that shown great ingenuity and gas bill reduction.

In the winter, I always cook and bake more. Yes something as small as Turing on the oven makes a great difference in temperature and in cost. In my house, we eat a lot of casseroles drug the winter for just this reason. You have to remember that the stove generates heat, as does your furnace. Use this to supplement the furnace.

Another thing that I always do a few months before winter is to check the house for air leaks and gaps. I make user I caulk all windows sills and doors. Staple plastic on the windows with a tight fit. In addition, I check and replace any weather stripping that need it. You have to make sure to seal you house. A tight seal means that your furnace or whatever you are using to heat your home does not have to work as hard. Because the heat is not escaping outside through gaps and leaks.

My mom gave me this tip a few years ago. Replace all those fence and efficient CFL bulbs with some of those regular non-efficient bulbs. Those type of bulbs generate heat. Heat that can warm you harm as well as tots your bread. Those few months that winter last its ok to use the regular bulbs instead of those swirly CFL’s bulbs.

One of my favorite smells in the entire world is the smell of wood or leaves boring. It give mess such a warm and toasty feeling inside that I always think of home. Therefore, you already know that I love using my fireplace. Seven years ago, when I was shopping for a house the first thing on my list was to have a working fireplace or wood burning stove. I lucked up and purchase my dream home with a fireplace for a bargain. In order to give my furnace a rest I heat my home with wood during the night. It works great!

This is a new option that I have yet to try yet and I will not be able to until next spring. I just learned that if you strategically plant shrubs and trees around your home it will affect the heating and cooling of your home. That it allows the home to take advantage of the sun’s natural heat from its rays.

For the past few years, each of these minus the last thing has allowed me to heat my home with giving me a heart attack every time my gas bill comes through the mail. I am always looking for different ways to heat my home and save some money. In addition, this has really helped me do both.

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes I Did

th6G0EFMTQA tree service company is the best way to go when you are considering trimming and pruning the trees, bushes, and shrubs around your house.  As a self-proclaimed do it yourselfer, I often choose a tree service rather than doing it myself. I always become scared that I will do something wrong and kill it. After a few years I found my favorite tree service business that does excellent work, they are fair and reasonable.  I love the folks at Huntsville Tree Service, their work is always impeccable.  I accidentally discover their website, www.huntsvilletree.com, and it was one of the best things I did all year!

However this too a while to discover. As they say, I had to go through many frogs before I found the right one. What is crazy that as long as it too me in the end it was so obvious? There are a few things that I should have realize from the jump but for some reason it took me some time to get it together. Nevertheless, when I did it was magic.

My trees and shrubs have never looked better. Their foliage is ever so dense, the color of their leaves seem a bit richer, and my tree service people keep them trim and prune so each tree and shrub looks uniform and healthy.

Here are a few things to check out before deciding to go with tree service. A few tips that I wish I had but learned along the way. I hope you benefit from my mistakes and hard earn knowledge.

Not all tree service are created equal

It seems like such a simple thing to do, go out a cut a few branches, trim a few limbs. However, in reality there is a real art to it. Something that takes time, experience, and knowledge to develop. With that being said, make sure check out references and customer reviews. If you can get a referral would be even better. Like most business, a well-established business with longevity is usually best.

Ask about their education and credentials

IT wild that many people will not go to a movie unless it has great reviews. On the other hand, eat a restaurant that yelp has not approved. I did more research deciding on what type of shampoo to buy then I did deciding a tree service. Call around and ask questions. Look for a business with peel that have folks with an arboriculture, horticulture, botany, or forestry degrees. Another good source that I wish I were aware before is the arborist society. They have great information and references.

Ask to see pictures of their previous work

As obvious, as this seem it did not occur to me until a friend of my suggested I do this after I went through three companies. On the next go, I ask to see pictures. This was great because I was able to see what the company can or cannot do. It was a relief. I was even able to check out a few commercial accounts they work on.

Going into the yellow pages and pick, the first tree service company does not guarantee a great group of people that will do great work. In addition, do not go with the person from around the corner that claims he knows what he is doing but have never actually done anything but mowed a few lawns.

I hope that these little tips will aid you on your quest to a great tree service business.

We all get the blues

Sometime I think I am alone in this big bad world. I call out and no one hears me, I scream and I all get is a headache.th (13)



If you have ever felt like this, you are not alone. In fact, many people suffer from depression; it seems to become compounded during this time of year. Lack of sunshine and limited time tmonths.

At least this is what helps me, for those days that I am feeling uncharacteristically blue and overwhelm with life; I do any number of things to get myself out of that mood. Most often than not they work and I am de-flunked.

Stay social

Many days during the winter is spent indoors within my four walls. In isolation. This is not something that is beneficial for those down in the dumps. I like to go out and enjoy time with others. I call a friend and invite her over for tea or coffee, or I ask family to come for dinner. Another option is to go to a friend home for a visit. All too often, we become wrap up in our lives and forget to reach out. I notice if I go too long without interacting with someone I go a little cray cray, and no one wants that.


It does not matter if I am helping at a soup kitchen or tutoring young children it always is a boost. Helping others will help you. I find when I keep an active service life I feel extremely well with myself. Something about giving back and aiding those, less fortunate than yourself to help you gain perspective. It always does the heart good to be a service to others, to be a blessing to someone else.

Go Outside

When I’m not cooped up working on new sites like Ippei Leads, I am outside moving my body. Exercise is known as a natural endorphin booster. I like to take walks outside, enjoy a brisk and crisp air. See something other than my house. Take in the trees, listen to tweets of birds, watch the animals interact with each other and work for the winter to come. If I need to shake things up, I also dabble in bird watching and cross-country skiing if there is a lot of snow.

Create Something

Drawing, painting, constructing anything that uses the hands creating something out of nothing. It do not know what it is about being creative that brings a sense of peace and tranquility to me. Nevertheless, it never fails. Even if I do something as little as doodle on a piece of paper. The focus that it requires allows my brain to rest and not think about my problems. The rewards I receive from creating something brilliant is a wonderful boost to my self-esteem and confidence.

Feeling a little blue is sometimes the way of life. Something that cannot be help or avoided. However, it is not something that needs to engulf you, at least for those that suffer from it occasionally. Find a natural way of boosting your mood. These are just a few things I like to do when I am feeling a little down and out. However, I am lucky; I have never been diagnose with depression. Usually I am happy go lucky, live life with ease. Even I have my moments that must be addressed.   I do one or all of these options. Just like that, I feel a whole lot better and am able to go on with my life.

For those that have persistent or recurring depression, thoughts of harming yourself or others, please seek a medical professional. There is nothing wrong with asking for help.



Pruning trees-do it yourself or use a tree service?

thICPS2DVWLike anything else trees need a little TLC. Many times, we overlook this magnificent creation. In addition, why, as a society we pay attend to the flowers, our grass, shrubs, and gardens but our trees not so much. What did they do to deserve a bad rap? Why are we so anti tree? I have no idea, but what I do know that a tree benefits greatly from tree pruning and trimming. However many of us choose to do nothing with the trees on our property never helping them to reach their full potential.

When pruning a tree you have one of two options do it yourself or hire someone to come in and do it for you. Each have their various advantages and disadvantages. When deciding weigh both choices before committing to one.

The do-it-yourself Tree Pruning

Advantages: For many of us we choose to do things on our own because of the amount of money that we save. If you pruned your trees yourself, you have the possibilities of saving hundreds of dollars in labor. Just rent or buy the equipment, if you do not already have it, then go at it, and shape that tree or trees to your heart desire. For those with experience in landscaping and foliage maintenance then it does make sense. For those with the experience there is always the internet.

Disadvantages: If a tree is improperly pruned then you run the risk of causing that tree to die. That is right, you can cause irrevocable damage. If it is not killed from pruning back too far, then the improperly cut limbs can become susceptible to illness and disease. Another reason many people do not consider is the habitat that tree provides for various creatures. By making a small mistake and throw off an entire animal community, how can you live with that?

Using a Tree Service

Advantages: Using a professional service comes with professional and knowledgeable care. Those people have been trained and educated in everything all things about trees and other woody plants. Many license tree serve companies are chock full of arborists. Arborist is a tree expert or specialize. Holding degrees and certification that can attest to their knowledge on trees and other plants.

Disadvantages: One reason many people shy away from using a tree serve is the price. I have heard repeatedly about a person being overcharge. However, this can be done away with asking good questions, requesting to see and certificates or degrees held within the company, and if they guarantee their work. More importantly ask around. Find someone to refer you to a great and honorable company.

After considering each sides pro and cons a decision can be made. I always select the services of a professional. I enjoy the peace of mind I know that it is done right. That my trees and yard is getting the best attention and care. Considering I do not know anything about tree pruning, trimming, or care, it is probably for the best. I would hate to have a yard full of dead trees. I shudder just to think of it.

Nothing but a dream

As I sit in this coffee staring out the window. Enjoying the bitter and nutty smell of coffee beans roasting, the noises of people moving, working, and relishing in caffeine and sugar I had the most vivid daydream.

It was like a movie playing in front of my face. I swear. I have had daydreams before but it always have been real minor nothing like an actual dream, like when a person is sleeping. I was taken into another world; I did not even feel like myself but like something greater…better. I am going to try to retell it but even as I ember the incidents I know I will not do it justice.

thJP13VFNEThe daydream transform the McDonalds across the street to a medieval castle. Complete with a moat, lofty towers, it was beautiful. I was a dazzling maiden. With long curly black hair, a bewitching smile, dressed in emerald green.

As I walk to towns streets on my way to the market to sell some food from my family’s farm, I witness a murder. These two bandits, dressed in yellow and red, rob and kill this young woman. As I draw near, I somehow recognize that she is the princess of these lands.

After the men left I made my way to her and ask her if there was anything I could for help. She spoke some words in a language I had never heard before, touched my hand, with a small smile on her face and a look of sorrow in her eyes, she took one last breath Just like that she had passed.

After gently laying her head back, I climbed upon her steed and gallop away to the city in search of help. It was when I clutched the reins I realized she had pressed something in my hand, a gold coin the glowed an iridescent amber.

As I made it to the towns square, I searched until I found a guardsman for the noble family and told him what had happen. He immediately gathered a few other men and they followed me into the woods. Nevertheless, when we made it to the place where I had left her, she was gone!

They looked at me with disgust in their eyes and started demanding that I explain myself. Unable to give an acceptable answer, the guardsmen bounded me with a rope and we rode back to the castle. Apparently misrepresenting a noble family death or lack thereof is a crime. One punished with ten years in the dungeons of the castle or death. Depending of the mood of the king.

Once we made it to the castle, I was sent to the dungeons to wait until the king was free to address my crimes and hear my side.

As I was waiting someone, I had dropped his or her coffee mug, with that loud clatter I was brought back to reality.

What sucks now is that I am extremely curious as to my outcome from all of that. I mean, it was just so real and engaging. After I snapped back I kept looking around, it was as if my reality was the dream and the dream reality.

Have never again had such a daydream.